About Us

Our company was founded in 2005. Initially, its main activity was the sale of wooden boards to cabinet makers.

In 2006, the owner came up with the idea of ​​making maple wood greeting cards.

Where did this idea come from?

The owner had spent a beautiful summer afternoon cutting maple boards with his father. Before leaving for work, his wife had asked him not to forget to buy a greeting card to give to their friend, since they were invited to her birthday dinner. Seeing that supper time was coming, and that he would certainly not have time to go buy it, he said to himself that, perhaps, if he cut a thin slice of wood on the log maple tree he was working on, he could shape his map himself. He would then cut it to size and fold it in half. His partner would then just have to draw a picture on this wooden card and they could give their friend something original and unique.

Finally, the result was brilliant! The menu caused a sensation and, even three months later, it was still enthroned on the buffet. That’s when it really clicked, because never a paper map lasts so long.

The test

From that moment on, everything was done to develop this new wooden map. After several trials and errors, and especially several months, the first "Cartobois" was born.

With the help of his wife responsible for creating the designs and texts, and his father for production, the owner first designed a few models to test in the market.

The entrepreneur then presented his idea to several businesses in the region and offered to offer this magnificent card to their customers. Many of them joined the project and decided to innovate by offering this unique product. The success was instantaneous and since then customers have asked for more maple wood cards to be put up for sale!

The start of an adventure

After several years of loyal service to his former employer, the owner has decided to devote himself entirely to his new, unique and ecological product. He started with a family and dedicated team: his father was always there to help out, and his wife created the various models.

Subsequently, the team grew and the business grew. Its products are now distributed throughout Ontario and the Maritimes.

On this momentum, other products made from maple wood, and which are as practical as they are decorative, have been created. In 2012, the company launched its first collection of bookmarks with beautiful positive thoughts as well as another series featuring the astrological signs. In 2013, the team designed a whole new range of anti-fraud card protectors that have carved out a place for themselves among its customers.

Finally, our company is constantly on the lookout for innovation and strives to provide consumers with the best value for money on the market.