Butcher Block


This magnificent High-end and Unique Board in Wenge and Maple.

11" X 17" X 1"3/4


About our product: Deluxe grain cutting board. It is built extremely strong for longevity. When cared for properly, this cutting board will outlast most items in your kitchen. Handcrafted with care and attention. Each of our boards is treated as an individual project. Cutting, planing, sanding each piece one by one, finishing them to the optimum touch allows us to create the highest quality boards. This cutting board has the natural color of wood - no stains or stains are used. Therefore, the beautiful grains can be seen and the board is 100% food safe.

Product details

Main material: solid wood

Wood species: Wenge and Maple

Wood Grain Construction: End Grain

Product Care and Cleaning: Hand wash only